My Obsession with Goji Berries

Jan 30th, 2015

Category: Healthy Eating

My Obsession with Goji Berries

I found these amazing little superfruits at the health food store some time ago!  My first couple of shots adding them to my salads etc. was not that successful.  I tried them again a few months ago and was amazing at how much I really enjoyed not only the taste of them, but the amazing health benefits from this tiny little berry!  For those of you who are not familiar with Goji Berries, they are a Himilayan Superfruit that was founded over 5000 years ago!  They are commonly used in Asian herbal medicine as they are one of the most nutrient-rich foods.  They are jam packed with essential amino acids, vitamin A and C and are extremely high in protein!  I’ve been adding these little superfruits to my kiddies snacks each day and they absolutely love them!  I’m attaching below as picture along with the ingredients of a salad that I am in love with at the moment.  Throw in your Goji Berries and you are good to go!

Goji Berry Coleslaw Salad

1 cup of coleslaw mix, , 1 tbsp of dried cranberries, handful of roasted almonds, 1 tbsp of hemp hearts, 1/2 tbsp of flaxseed, 2 tbsp goji berries, 1 tbsp of fresh cilantro drizzled with a lemon/olive oil/salt/pepper dressing.  Just enough to give flavour and not be too overpowering so you can taste all of the yummy ingredients in the salad!