Cathy’s Results

Client Testimonial

“My name is Cathy and I am 55 years old. I started Jenn’s Boot Camp in May 2013. In April 2013 I decided it was time to focus on me. I embarked on a complete overhaul of my nutrition; exercise routine and YES I cut out wine….Guess which was the most challenging. During the month of April I adjusted to my new diet with the assistance of a nutritionist and began losing a couple pounds every week. I have always been active enjoying exercise classes and yoga all my life but it seems post 50 (look out all you young girls) my metabolism slowed and without a change to diet and exercise weight gain was the result! Emboldened with the confidence of losing a bit of weight steadily each week I decided to make a remarkable change and joined Jenny B’s Bootcamp and I honestly have not looked back! Jenn is a personal friend whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and admiring many years. Seeing her grow through several life stages including school, work, marriage and motherhood and now seeing her manage such an amazingly successful business I am in awe of her abilities! She is always upbeat and a pleasure to be around! She is an amazing multi-tasker customizing every single class so no one is ever the same. I had never been a runner and now I can safely say I can run the entire distance every class and even do so on days I don’t have a session. I now try to do something active at least every second day. The result is I have shed 30 lbs., 22 inches & 15% Body Fat. It was very emotional during my assessment as I had lost so much we were both in tears but good tears! I am continuing to maintain my diet, exercise routine outside of Bootcamp sessions and will continue to do so as long as I am able! I heartily encourage anyone no matter what your age, size or circumstance to attend Jenn’s Boot Camp as the results are remarkable. It is really challenging work but so worth it…you’ll never look back. I cannot begin to Thank Jenn enough for the change in my outlook on life and I am just so much happier…what more can you ask?”