Katarina’s Results

Client Testimonial

“I started Jenn’s bootcamp because I wasn’t able to lose my baby weight. At first I was afraid because the only thing I heard about bootcamps was that they were tough and that you get yelled at a lot. My first bootcamp session was in the early summer, outside, rain or shine. I almost died in the first class; it was raining and because I was totally out of shape without any exercise for about three years it was really tough. But I was determined and got through the first day, and then the next, and every day after that. When the first session ended and I had my assessment and I was shocked! I had actually started losing weight and inches! All the hard work had paid off and at that point I knew that I was hooked. Thanks to Jenn’s amazingly structured classes I can now say that I Iove exercise and bootcamp! To date I have lost 22 lbs and total of 20 inches all over and I am in a great shape. Jenn’s classes are really well thought-out and organized, and although you work hard she makes them fun. She is a remarkable instructor and motivator, and is always trying to push you to do your best but will make sure you don’t go over your limits so you don’t get hurt. She cares about your goals but also your well being. I am hoping to continue with Jenn’s bootcamp classes for as long as I can.”