Melissa’s Results

Client Testimonial

“My name is Melissa de Castro and I started attending Jenn’s bootcamp in September of 2011. I love love love Jenn’s class. I feel so much better about myself, both inside and out. Prior to attending Jenn’s bootcamp, I felt so frustrated with myself and my lack of motivation to want to excersise. I had come to terms that the gym environment was not for me and that I needed someone to motivate myself into shape. Jenn’s bootcamp has done that for me! I have lost 12 inches and feel great. My self esteem has also improved….for the first time, I now feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit without covering up my body! In addition to this, my husband has not only noticed my body transformation but my increased self-confidence. As a mother of twins, I never ever imagined that I could look or feel this great and I thank Jenn for this. Her classes are well structured, well thought out and super fun. Jenn encourages us to strive to achieve our full potential in class while making her classes fun and entertaining. I have wanted this for myself for so long but never found the right program for me. Jenn’s class has allowed me to enjoy exercising. In addition to this, Jenn continues to modify certain excercises which may aggrevate my weak knee. I thank her for being such an amazing bootcamp instructor and I hope to continue to attend her butt kicking bootcamp classes!”