What Are The Benefits of Juicing?

Jan 31st, 2015

Category: Healthy Eating

What Are The Benefits of Juicing?

Well I’m a juicer. I’m addicted and I love it! Only downside is that I HATE cleaning my juicer. I know I know, I’m being a complainer but I truly feel that this is a HUGE reason why more people don’t juice! You just have to suck it up and make that delicious juice because the benefits are endless and outweigh the clean up time :) .

Lately I have a real obsession with beets, cucumber and spinach. I love my watermelon and pineapple however I’ve been finding that they are not that fresh after getting them home at this time of year. Juicing is beneficial for many different reasons. Juicing helps you absorb all of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that you’re using directly. If you are not a fruit or veggie person then juicing is the way to go! It allows you to consume large amounts of fruit and veggies at one sitting without feeling like you just ate 5 plates full of “greens”. Last but not least, it is a wonderful way to disguise and feed yourself with fruits and veggies that you may not care for. Don’t have a love for a big bowl of spinach? No problem at all, stick them in your juicer and you won’t even know they’re there! Well other than the dark green colour at the bottom of your juice :) .